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Well and Well Pump Repair

well pump installation

At Davis Jr. Plumbing, Inc. we understand that having running water in your home or business is a vital need for everyone. That is why our team of professionals is dedicated to providing service when you need it, not when one of these larger companies can "get to you". We understand with the current state of the economy that your first concern is quality at a price that you can afford. That is why we always take the time to explain all of your options so you can find the repair or installation that fits your needs and budget. Our company is local and family operated, and our first and only concern is our customer!

With 7 Day, 24 hour service you can rely on Davis Jr. Plumbing, Inc. for honest, reliable service at your home or business. We specialize in all types of well pump installation and repairs offering expert service and full warranties on all installations and repairs.

well pump repairs

One call will provide you with professional and competent service technicians who have the expertise to diagnose and troubleshoot your water pump problem. We not only will install a complete line of high quality water pumping systems, we will also repair your system should you ever run into problems. Whether it's the pump or plumbing system, Davis Jr. Plumbing, Inc. has the knowledge and training to track down the problem and resolve it quickly.

The most common pumps around a home are the sump pump and a well pump. If you have a sump pump for your home, either you will have a gas powered, electric, or a water main controlled sump pump.


Some of the common problems of a sump pump might include bad smells, loss of power, overflowing of water, or water not discharging. In any of these instances, our plumbers at Davis Jr. Plumbing, Inc. will be required to repair the problem. Sump pumps are tricky to work on and our plumbers have the necessary equipment to find the cause of the problem.

Replacing and repairing well pumps are two completely different projects.

If you have a problem with a well pump, you need to know if your pump is three-phase or single-phase and the voltage of the well. This information beforehand will save both time and money. There are varying types of well pump problems: not running properly: not enough water pressure, a pump that runs too much, a pump that runs but does not supply any water, a bad pressure switch or pulsating water on delivery. Here at Davis Jr. Plumbing, Inc. we have the experienced plumbers that will be able to check the problem and determine if the well pump needs to be replaced or repaired.

If you have any problems with the sump pump or the well pump, you should have it professionally looked at before the problem becomes more severe. Homeowners have found that a professional plumber is the best person to handle these types of jobs. Many jobs might seem easy, but when you start doing the actual work, you will find out that things are a little more complicated than what you had thought. If this happens, it is never too late to call for help before the problem becomes bigger and more costly.

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